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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

My 4 poster designs: what do you think?

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i like 1 and 2! no 3 looks like ladies nite :P

It's adapted from Roy Lichenstein's pop art series.

Why r u designing posters recently?
Are you affiliated (working) for a club , or are you a freelance designer?

I would love to imagine that I'm a freelance designer.

:: freelance designer for hire. with knowledge of Flash and Html and basic Javascripting and ASP. Cheep Cheep. ::

*points to self*

1 - Perfect design for MTV, easily recognisable

2 - Dunno why, but I like this design alot. I like the way the bodies combine to form the heart

3 - Looks more like a comic to me.

4 - Design's quite alright, though the pics are a bit too small?

In order of preference - 2, 1, 4, 3

Hey thanks really for taking the time and effort to comment.
The reason why 4's 4's because the side design is actually the company's logo.

Yup, all the six pics.

I thought 4 was nice... cos of the colour coordination... 2 of each colour, just thought that the pic size was a little too small...

so which one are you going to use?

All were used.
As part of the teaser.

which one is your personal favourite? I'm sure you have one :)

wat do i tink? umm, you very the free...


For a monetary incentive I would try my best to be free.

Cheep Cheep!

#3, am sure lichenstein estate won't mind


Unfortunately no one notices Keith Harring's.

*shakes head*

i did ... but keith haring (who is also dead) doesn't seem to embody the mad kooky spirit of MTV leh ...

i did! but i was too busy making silly comments instead...

here's my twenty cents worth of thoughts... hehe

Keith Harring's piece looks the best. Got my attention instantly.
I suppose its a party, so it fits.
It lacks MTV logo somewhere to be integrated with the "heart" visual.
If you need the soft copy (high-res) for MTV, I have it. :")
The color for the copy on the poster...too colorful eh.
Use only grey? but different shades or bold typeface to highlight.
I like smaller typefaces and limitation to onlytwo colors.:")

personal preference though....hehe

Thanks thanks.
The event's over. The posters are a small portion of what I did. The corporate flash was the bigger piece of the pie.

Thanks again for the comments; I agree.

hey, no prob.
hope it went well.
let me know if you need additional help next time :)
it can be quite fun doing it. :P

From a marketing's perspective, the objective of the zo-card is to achieve the widest catchment of the target segment.

The target segment here are the: above 18, pubber/clubber, knows the latest trends, MTV generation.

To achieve said objective, the graphics of the zo-card must be:
1. eye catching
2. communicate the event
3. communicate the organizer
4. terms & conditions

#1 brings out "MTV" to the forefront to effectively communicate the organizer of the event. MTV carries strong brand equity, hence logo will achieve the widest reach. Although your objectives could be achieved, aesthetics are somewhat compromised, as compared to #2 and #3.

#2 is emotive, while #3 lends a sense of humour, however, may not be as effective as communicating the brand across. People have to come to close proximity to understand objectives of zo-card, whereas for #1, the brand automatically catches the eye of the target audience. If he is within the catchment demographic, he has a higher chance of picking up #1.

So ... I'll go with #1. But you can improve on the aesthetics. MTV logos come in various alternative designs. :)

Thanks dude.
It is actually meant for a small company toying around with the MTV night theme, so it's actually an infringement of MTV's logo (*?*). But the company liked the idea of it, though I think Roy's design is witty though unconventional; not too many will catch the gist of it. Nor Keith's designs. The corporate logo of the company for the last one might relate the best, if not for MTV's logo itself.

Thanks again. Great feedback. =)

Chanced upon ur journal.... u seem quite free uh... i use to do that.... but now i stop.

How abt using those time to listen to the musing of a someone who yields for a listening ear?


Where where?
*sets up a makeshift with the sign "Uncle Agony - Cheep Cheep"*

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