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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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All in a week's work.

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is that chicken?
or turkey
looks yummy!

you build a building (or a city) in one week?

li hai li hai.

btw, the spoon is even "taller" than (or almost of the same length as)baby's head. lol.

you should say "erm" to him with every spoon you feed him leh.


not that "sound like" one also correct? oh...

Oh his mom was feeding him.
I couldn't comment and advise the SME. =)


what does SME mean?

hey, can you whistle with a tune?

mine can't :(

i have been doubting the ability to whistle to "play" a tune is somewhat like earlobe, tongue "rolling" <- i don't know how to describe it (it's the longitudinal kind of rolling)...ie. affected by genes. It is not affected by musical sense at all.

i really wish i can whistle like eason in this song
(track 09) (reprise of angel's gift)

Haha it's your cute godson again!

Haha... so what plans do you have for x'mas eve!?

I go around wishing people "merry christmas". =)

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