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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Kimchi Sage #2

After soaking the cabbage in brine overnight, I rinsed the salted cabbage thoroughly with water, but the cabbage was still a tad too salty.
Now I'd have to soak it again in water to do a reverse osmosis.

Hope the kimchi's edible.

Once I master the art of kimchi making, I shall do a dish of buta-kimchi, my favourite dish in Japan.

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I love Kimchi too. But i prefer the Korean version.
I remember watching Japan hour and they had two episodes on the making of kimchi. Japan version and Korean version. Both abt the same. But using the raw materials best available in the locale.

I always remember yr chuwanmushi post - almost 2 years back! hahaha. How time flies. And i still have yet to make the steam egg. lOL.

Was it that long ago?

Time flies like an arrow.


Please dun enter into retrospective mode now... get on with yr day.


Uh, why don't you just use new cabbage?

The cabbage's new. Just that it has to be soaked in brine overnight so as to remove the excessive water content present in the cabbage.

It's a precursor to pickling....

i believe contacts saline works better.

No i meant using new cabbage and soaking it in brine again instead of using the old cabbage to soak in water. Wouldn't soaking twice spoil its texture or something?

Kimchi.....I tried once and never touched it again.

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