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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Guess who's cooking dinner!

Managed to cooked a simple dinner of cabonara pasta; it's really not that difficult: just ample pasta, a couple of eggs, parmesan cheese, fresh bacon streaks and a cube of butter. The verdict was well received. Nevertheless, I'm sure I can put in a little more effort to match Cafe Cartel's standard. The dinner was complimented with Carrefour's black pepper chicken, miso-oyster sauce dou miao, asparagus with caesar sauce as well as Campbell's corn and chicken soup. All in less than an hour!

After dinner, I was determined to try making my own kimchi, and rinsed an entire sliced 'long' cabbage with half a glass of salt. I'm leaving it overnight to continue with the rest of the preparation tomorrow. I love kimchi, and hope that by doing this myself I can save myself a little by paying for japanese kimchi at Cold Storage.

I should have taken at least a couple of pictures.
Just as well I didn't fork out a grand for those delectable digital cameras at the Suntec's Positive Negative Digital Camera cum Photography fair today.


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You call that Simple dinner!?

You had 5 dishes!and u prepared in 1 hr...

my pasta wasn't fantastic though (who says well-recieved, yourself? :) )... but i took around 2 hr to prepare it - 1 Dish.

But hey , i bought dou miao too. And i had pasta too. Guess we both made our own pastas tonight!

Did you use milk?

While i was in US, experimented with making carbonara... using virtually the same ingredients and milk... according to most recipes, but my experiment was a disaster!

Try using double cream and a little white wine. Should make it taste better. I think. I've pored through enough recipe books to know those are some basics for carbonara sauce. :)

so if we use cream, we do without milk?

white wine sounds good but erm.... double cream seems a little sinful.

*touches abs*

i dont know how old u are... but i think once in a while it's ok to eat something sinful... sinful things taste better anyway

but for myself, i certainly wouldnt think of using double cream.

connoisseurs tell me that the killer ingredients in carbonara are white wine and a dash of dijon mustard - for that zing. and linguine is preferred. not that i cook at all. btw epicurious on robertson quay dishes up a mean carbonara - but it's not on the menu and you have to ask.

rubrix doesn't cook, he just gets a certain someone to cook for him...!! :P

or gets his friends to tar pau for him!!! :x

hey... i think it's more important to know what you are eating than knowing how to make it yourself. btw most of the home-cooked food i get these days are from my mom... sheesh.

a certain someone?
whoa, so lucky.

*green with envy*

oh i used linguine. nice and slim.

Re: the killer app...

yup... it's supposed to have a greater surface area for the sauce to coat ;-P *slurp*

you can write poems, can cook nicely, can design, can think/work logically, can speak/write in one foreign language...at least, have good taste in reading...at least.

i am thinking if sg male are mostly like that, thinking if man of a certain age should be like that, think if they are the conditions that one has to meet.

i am thinking about myself.

I choose to think that everyone and anyone has innate abilities that would gradually surface. Sometimes a simple virtue like patience shines brighter than anything else.

And of course, with balance, there is tranquility.

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