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Recall a dream

04 Dec 03
I had a dream last night. Somehow, the dream seemed familiar. I was cycling to the edge of a sandy enclave. I parked my bicycle against the rock outcrop, and walked towards the shore. There is a tiny island close to the shore that all visitors come from afar to see. There was someone that I was expecting. The memory fades from here... I remember some photo-taking but that is all.

My dreams are always so surreal. There was another dream where I was in a swimming pool. although I was at the centre of the pool, the water was solid and unfrozen. It made no logic, yet there's this inexplicable sense of unattainability, which lurks in most, if not all of my dreams.

There are also occasions too many when a sense of deja'vu engulfs me at a particular location or incident. Sometimes certain slices of life just seem so very familiar, until I realize that I've experienced it in one of my dream or a series of recurrent dreams. Is it just me?

I wonder.

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