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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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It's a little bit funnie...

It's funny how action begets reaction.
I was rummaging through the pool of my LJpals' entries when I chanced upon mcflurry's heartwarming entry. I was stirred.
It made me realise how I've grown to know (and love) a few special pals from this virtual domain, even in the absence of physical contact.

And in a special way, she stands out, because of the exchanges that we engaged. I remembered the trival heated moment that we shared; I left a monosyllabic comment in her LJ and was ticked off. It was purely a simple misunderstanding, and because it was quickly resolved it made me pay more attention to her entries. And to understand her better. Glimpses of her life did I see, and somewhat the perspective shifts. Like a dimmed light bulb in a room; when the light gets brighter one sees more, and the paradigm shifts yet once more.

This happens to be a major junction in my life. And it will affect what I write. I used to (and still do) hesitate about sharing my thoughts in LJ. Why should one do that? How intimate is intimate? Why are we all sharing tiny little nuggets of our lives? Are we crying out to be heard? Or are we reaching out, seeking that something that our heart desires yet know not what? What?


Ultimately, if I tell you what I am, are you able to accept me for who I really am?
And promise that you will never take advantage of my vulnerability?

Sadly, not many people survive that leap of faith.
But that should never stop the journey.

And thank you all, especially to mcflurry for walking that path with me.

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doesn't matter. Even i don't know which are those entries or moments he was mentioning about.

this is into-the-wild's style.

erm.. "if you have nothing to say then don't bother to write" or something like that?


that is really very recent already...

You're so popular that people are trying to leave comments all over your lj even when they have "nothing to say".

Hm ... somebody growing older soon ...


heh. hao shi (good things in cantonese) xian sheng, it was i who said the above lor.

Erm.. I was the one who left comments and was told that.


*clears throat*

Reading through the comments on your lj, don't you feel the same? I guess what goes around comes around.

*coughs again*

Erm, I think you have to understand the history first.

*shakes head*

*shakes head again*

-feels guilty for having called miss "er-hem" angelic mcflurry a devil-
-a thousand apologies-

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