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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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From the Macs

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Britney Spears and Prince Williams?

Michael Jackson's Black or White.


On a seperate note.. those little things are really tiny right? That picture is a bit blown up no?

where u got those from?
so cute
i wanna buy too.

I didn't buy it. Supposedly from Macs.

i dont wanna stuff myself with burgers to get em. =(


money cant buy. : )

eh... cute woh... from macs? still have?? :P

I'm sure there are fans that would eat burgers to get from A to Z!

heh i know a few of them....
in fact i know of a guy that is collectin the letters for he and his gf. "David and Karen"

(Deleted comment)
Yes B is red (for girl), and W is blue (for boy).

I see, I see. :)

*grins at W*

just me guess la.

he is a boy, and he is called into the Wild (which carries the W) mah.

but you'd better do not get too into this wild la. :p

so sweet :)

the characters really have red for girl and blue for boy?(<- it should be a question mark) so good.

me making typo errors all the time, if you have ever read what i write (comment also counts). :p

hey! i just bought a similar one, huge Sunshine Bear from Target!

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