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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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To learn to draw the line

When the farmer's crops are not yielding, there could be many reasons. Was there enough water and sunlight? Or could it be too much irrigation and sunlight? Was the plants of an inferior quality? Not enough fertiliser? Could there be infestation by pests? It must be the green-eyed neighbour!? The list goes on...

Eventually, when the crops all wither and die, should the farmer continue to try ways and means to reap from the same piece of land, or should he pick himself up to explore new pasture?

I believe there is never a right answer for such an scenario. No one really knows. Perhaps one should just decide quickly based on whatever facts that he could gather, and make a decision. And not to falter, or regret, after that.

To learn to draw the line...

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This sounds like a modern-day parable or something. Very deep. Cool! :)

methinks it's applicable in various contexts... career, business, and of course... relationships.

Yes, I agree! Erm, your new user pics rather action-packed huh? :)

hey, how do you put the picture beside the text? can teach me?
thanks a lot!

The human mind is always a mystery.... i supposed :)

remember journeymen entry yup..maybe applying it may help.

p.s. O2 II is sooooooo cute.

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