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My new toy.

Special Features

Integrated personal digital organiser and mobile phone
Tri-band (GSM 900/1800, PCS 1900)
GPRS class B Multislot class 10
Built-in Bluetooth
Instant Message (IM), short (long) message (SMS) and multimedia message service (MMS)
Full internet browsing
VGA camera (640 x 480 pixels)
MPEG4 camcoder
MP3 media player
Speakerphone and voice recorder facility
Removable and chargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery, 1200 mAH
Key lock support by software
SIM Application Kit
Support for WAP 2.0 browser and xHTML
Handwriting recognition

Processor Type: Intel Xscale PXA 263, 400MHz

3.5" Transflective 65,536 colour LCD (240 x 320 pixels)
VGA Camera
Supports image formats JPG, BMP
Supports video formats MPEG4, H.263, Motion-JPEG AVI
CMOS Chip: VGA (640 x 480 pixels)
Minimum scene illumination: 5 lux
Frame rate: 15fps
Power on/off button
Volume up/down button (2way)
4 programmable buttons
2 phone buttons
5-way navigation button
Soft reset switch
One external antenna connector
One Back pack connector
One MMC & SD/IO slot
One Infrared Port
One Signal port for USB, serial, car kit, power and audio
Backpack for CF type II and VGA output and additional battery
Red/yellow/green LED for radio/charger indication
Blue LED for Bluetooth indication

After 24hours of using it, I know that I've yet to realise the full potential of my new toy. SDIO, Bluetooth, 32chord MIDI and etc remains to be tested and experimented, but I love it!
Quickly rushed over to Funan Centre after work and forked out $18 for the staff at AAAS to apply the screen protector onto my delicate XDA screen. It's a must must. Somehow.

That's it. This phone will keep me company for a year or more, just like my old trusty XDA. Glad that it's leaving my hands to someone worthy of its service, just like my trusty Siemens S45; I miss you too.

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