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It is most said when it is not said.

While I was driving Wendy home from dinner, she asked me if I was keen in taking up a course on filming. I would have the option of either conventional 12mm (or something like that) film or digital filming, for a couple of grand. I would like to, I said, but I was doubtful of what the course offered; can't we just learn it from the manuals or a dummies guide? I proposed instead that I be included in her cast. Then I get to learn from her free...

We then talked about the essence of filming. I personally think that the best film captures the essence of the human spirit. No words are necessary, for the actions tell the story. Remember Remains of the Day? There was so much anguish, towards the end of the film when Anthony Hopkins (the butler) strolled alongside Emma Thompson (the ex-head matron). The feeling of restrain: to want to declare one's love but yet unable to do it: was indeed overwhelming.

Or Happy Together. The haunting dance in the kitchen floor preluded the ill-fated love of the couple. And the scene where Tony Leung cries into the voice recorder touches my heart every time I think of that particular scene. Isn't him anyone of us? It is that strained emotion, which, unable to surface, that holds us prisoners. And it is the restraint that exists in the deepest recesses of our hearts that makes us silent creatures.

Sometimes everything has been said. Words are not necessary.
The party knows it, but is just as restrained.
And it never ends....

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