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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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what i said:
"you control your own happiness."
"everyone is responsible for his own happiness".

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Re: well...wel....shrug,....shrug..

I like what you wrote, especially the journeyman part. =)


erm..so got further discounts? hiak hiak hiak..... = P


more wells..and shrugs...

like what ive like to say and will do so again..haha.. we need good to define bad, pain to define pleasure, sadness to define happiness and such 'paraphernalias'...its these transitions that give variety (which defines simplicity) and through these complexities that we experience change, that moves from one end to another..back and forth.. and the gains (or losses) in that affect our individual lives.

sounds like hw the Taos (ying and yang) see the world eh..to find that balance (which is defined by imbalances) eh....been thinking about it...like i once wondered why Christian's God had to create the Devil..its through getting the answer did draw the parallel to see it that he possibly did it to define the good perhaps? then that sounds fair. haha..watever..im strange..

then i realised with all these..its relative, circumstantial and subjective..another long story.

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