Wildy the Journeyman (into_the_wild) wrote,
Wildy the Journeyman

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I had a dream

It was only during brunch that I recollected that vivid dream I had.
It was a weird dream, just like the rest of the weirdo dreams I have had. I cannot clearly remember how the dream started, but I remember my father rearranging the room allocation; he suddenly declared that he needed more storage space. I was compelled to move out and I abided. I moved to this dilapidated aged HDB-like estate. The funny part lies in this new quarters that I've shifted to. The building is in an advanced state of derelict, and there's filth everywhere. There were homeless vagrants putting up along the corridors, and the lifts weren't working. I saw thugs and even recollected a sex scene where two thugs were having sex with a lady along the stairway. (was it rape? hmm) At the top level of the building was a pub, and it was to be the focus in the monotone humdrum existence of everyone.

No logic, as usual. Just like that swimming pool dream where I was trying to swim in a pool where the water has turned solid. No, the water didn't freeze, just that I can't seem to get into the water.

Strange dreams... sometimes I wonder if I'm the only one.
I wonder too if my dreams were a subconscious manifestation of the violent imagery of Kill Bill?

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