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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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We were just watching sex and the city when temanbaik commented that Jesus told Peter that he would be betrayed by Peter twice.
And it happened.
I thought: wasn't it not too fair for Peter, since Jesus knew he was to be betrayed twice by Peter anyway. In that kind of circumstance, would Peter have had a choice? If someone was all-knowing and all-seeing and all-powerful, what's the use of a choice? Is there a choice?

Wonder wonder.

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Hmmm, what if it was Peter's choice to betray Jesus and he chose it ... and Jesus knew he would do exactly that coz it's in Peter's nature?

So could Peter have had the choice not to betray?
I think it's part of the illogical nature of seeing the future. If I know I am to die in a minute, could there be anything that I can do to avert it?

Is the future predetermined, or can we change the future?


Predestination? (Anonymous) Expand

Well That's GOD's policy

God says "look this is the Tree of Knowledge, see but don't touch"

Actually GOD knew what will happen.

Actually, that only prove one thing. Even GOD cannot change the path of destiny.

what jesus said was prophecy.
what peter did was choice.

jesus prophesied peter's choice of action.

Well said.


Is there such a thing as predestination?

If so, then basically we're all puppets of some higher power.

In the predestination doctrine, all of us are playing out a drama; the script has been penned, the actors pre-selected. You have a part, and you're playing it.

Is there true choice in predestination? I doubt it. "True" choice gives all the opportunity to reshape their destinies. But if the conclusion has already been foretold, then there's no real choice involved, is there?

i agree.

predestination more or less rules out the element of choice, or free will. i have trouble grappling with that school of thought.

anyway into_the_wild's posting is talking abouut prophecy of that free will, not predestination, which is not the same thing.

Re: Predestination? (Anonymous) Expand
could Peter then have the chance to choose otherwise and thus avert the prophecy?
if not then i suppose there wasn't a choice.

peter could but he did not, not due to god's redestination of his action. jesus merely prophesied peter's own action. no, you can't revert this prophecy because God can't foretell the wrong thing. but this doesn't mean he predestines that particular action.

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Where's My Posting?

So where was my last posting? Was it where the "screened posting" is now? May i know why was it screened?

Re: Where's My Posting?

no names please.

Re: Where's My Posting?

i didn't know you had a problem with naming names; i do apologise. but you can always edit it out, and replace it with into_the_wild, rather than taking the entire posting away. why throw the baby out with the bathwater? efforts are efforts!


Dear Snowy,

There is always a choice. It might not be the one you hoped for, but it's there. Yes, prophecies are usually self-fulfilling, but still they offer you a choice.

Every day, we make thousands of choices. What to eat for breakfast, should I go the gym, what movie should I watch? Some are minor, while others could have great impact on others. Choosing to make a donation when stopped on the street on the flag day or taking a friend who's been unhappy out for a drink, these are all choices.

If we just lie down and let life streamroller us, or simply accept the deck that fate dealt us, then the truly inspirational, the truly great among us would not exist. There would be no Florence Nightingale, no Lee Kuan Yew, no Richard Branson, and none of the countless others who fought against impossible odds and emerged stronger, and in the process, affected thousands of others.

Let me end with this: if you knew you were going to die in a minute, would you choose to simply accept it silently, or would you choose to use that single minute to let go of your prejudices, grudges, misconceptions and biaises?

The choice, as they say, is yours.

Cheers :)

Mr D.

Would it matter?
And who's snowy?

I think the answer to your question depends on your religious beliefs. I believe that nothing is predestined and everybody has a choice. It is your choices that determines your fate, in your past, present and future lives.

For the non religious, maybe when somebody invents a time travel machine and messes around with the past, present and future, we will know the answer ...

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