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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

dreams are what you wake up from,
but if you're sober in the middle of your dreams,
are dreams dreams? or is it reality?

there's a thunderstorm right now; i like thunderstorms.
not exactly at 4.20 in the morning, but a thunderstorm's a thunderstorm.
there's energy,
and a little of a cup-a-tomato-soup.

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Your mind is always a mystery....
But again, whose isn't?

It's been raining pretty often.
The rain's variating between light and heavy.
Maybe it should make up its mind.

hmm..are you dreaming that you are awake at 4.20am in the morning, sitting at the table having a cup-a-tomato-soup and saw the thunderstorm outside the window?

shall intepret it for you. tsk tsk.

love thunderstorms, though it has a melancholic nature.
hmm... tot someone told me some time ago that he luvs the calm before the storm?

extrovert or introvert? who am i?

there's energy during the calm before the storm.
especially when the dark clouds gather and hover dangerously above, and the air rushes in your face.... all you need to do is just to stretch out your hands and embrace the energy.

that's the calm, before the storm.

and by the way,
most extroverts are introverts subconsciously,
and vice versa?

think im a closetted introvert
blame my occupation for why i can be such an extreme extrovert at times...
need to find more ways to defuse the negative energy in me...
may jus go crazy if i dun find a way to stablise my +s and -s
any suggestions?

*BISH* for callin me susan!

i think it's all about balance. moderation? sometimes we become too comfortable at a certain domain and we stay there and rot. we should challenge our comfort level sometimes.

i'm an introvert, contrary to what many people think.

I think you're an introvert too.
Hence the argument that introverts are extroverts and vice versa.

What we are, we are usually not.

I like rain.. esp at night.. what coincident I was still awake then have a cup of hot cereal by the window watching the night.

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