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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

My nose's still leaking.
And it's october already. Reminiscient of autumn and the orangey leaves.
The weather should be turning colder.

The relentless cycle of life goes on.

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Eh wild one, go see a doc lah! Or you could try Sudafed ... pretty good cold meditation that dries up runny nose and doesn't make you drowsy. It's controlled drug so gotta ask the chemist for them at the pharmacy.

Um, I meant medication of coz, not meditation! Hahaha! Late liao ... zzzz

Oh u poor thing. La la la la la ... *goes to the gym* :)

Ooohh does it make me high? Is it as effective as ecstasy? Could I get it at a disco too? :P

I can see why your nick's "disco ecstasy". *kabish*!!!

You have bad hairstyle. :P

*runs away*

Grrrrr! *kabish*!!! Take that you partying substance abuser!

Yo yo, no illegal stuff in my LJ.

*brandishes baton*

i got the flu too.
been sipping lots of chinese tea.
bad weather! =(

I've got a cold, and I'm going diving on Thurs ... *sniff sniff* :P

Me too!
I think it is really the weather..


falling ill is the worst thing. Take care pal. ;)

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