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My nose is clogged

I've been having difficulties breathing lately. Something's wrong with my nose. I'm sniffing and sniffing. Hope it clears up soon.

Watched the Magdalene Sisters recently.

Being a true account, the storyline is gripping and emotions were naturally stirred. I'm amazed how easy it was for me to identify with all the characters; all of them were what they were supposed to be; the villians the villians and likewise for the trodden ones. When we are indoctrinated into the society, the system, be it an enclosed system like a nunnery or a global one like the Earth, we end up behaving how we ARE supposed to behave.

There was a scene whereby Margaret (one of those who were sent into the harsh conditions of the nunnery) had the opportunity to escape. She was out of the nunnery, and a passing car offered to bring her away. She refused and returned to the nunnery. Is she insane? I do not think so. Margaret was 'institutionised' into the system whereby there is no escape, for the real escape was 'to be free' in her state of mind, and she was not able to do so. It is somewhat similar to the scene in SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION whereby the released prisoner hanged himself after he was released from prison (where he resided for 20 over years) because he no longer belonged to the present society. There was no escape.

I believe: that everything physical is a manifestation of the mind, that all actions stems from the deepest crevices of the mind. A person can be the richest in the world and yet not be happy; while the poorest person can be the happiest person in the world just because he received a free lunch. A person who wants to be free can be free. In the invisible prisons that we are in, it is ultimately up to our minds to free the bars that rein us in.

And for the nuns, religion became their device for their actions. It is bad to blah and blah and must be punished by blah and blah. They are also prisoners of the system. The most honorable of all intent usually fails at the hands of the provincial executor.

And lastly, as claimed when the credits rolled: a person who has endured the hardest of all hardships needs no religion. He can be strong enough to stand on his own.

*sniff* still clogged.

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