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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Personal Reflection

This one word “awareness” is the source of all wonders. Because of delusion concerning this awareness, the marks of self arise. When it is assumed that there is ”I” or “mine,” liking and disliking automatically appear.
- Chinul (1209)

Profound statement; reminiscient of my conversation with Vic during lunch last week.
It descended upon me at the oddest location (with the oddest ambience) that no one is intrinsically bad, and when we sees others with a tinge of goodness it draws out even more goodness from the other party. No one is really bad for bad's sake, right?

As I continue to evolve, let me try to see the world without colours.

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No, no one is intrinsically bad, no one is evil in their innate nature. But society and surroundings choose to mould a person otherwise. And that is what hurts when we see these traits in people.

It's not easty to constantly see the good in people, but it's an experience. Good luck.

Well .... The price you pay for seeing things without colours....
Is somewhat instinctively negotiable....

Actually, I'm more curious to see what the world would become without no law and religion. Would there be more awareness of self or total disregard for it?

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