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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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oh wow :( i wish i could afford the powerbook, have been oogling at it since it's release.

I wonder if a switch to Mac is a good idea...

play around with the mac at the apple center and see if you find it interesting?

I'll let you play with mine as long as you let me play with that when you get it.

okay... something doesn't sound quite rite...

It really,... just works. well... very well with digicams, music and most things that u want hasslefree on ur comp anyway

the price is even more beautiful.


hey ITW, can lj cut the pic? my friends page is skewed! thanks!

resized for your viewing pleasure.

Yups. In perfect condition.

har?? I should wow at ur subaru :) Cos i also like subaru :P

For the aesthetics, its a reasonable price.

Wah, the apple</> of my eye! LOL!

tsk ... very punny leh :S

Hmmm... I've got the 12.1' one. I actually do not understand why people do not switch to Apple. There are a thousand and one reasons why they should.

And then there is the gorgeous I-pod...

Apple rules!


Macs are pretty. Made to be consumed. Visually. ha

Switch it and you will love it. I switched more than a year ago..and I have not looked back..

wah chioh leh!
*bawls for notebook*

Its worthwhile switching to the Mac! Hardly have any problems with my ibook and it serves me PERFECT. And its largely compatible with PCs too... Hardly NIL viruses too!!!

Cant wait to get my hands on a new laptop once my current ibook really really gets obsolete and spoilt.

hmmm i got the 17inch one

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