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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Car Update

What transpired:

  • Brought the car to my workshop for assessment

  • Called up the cabby to inform him of the max price of $1600+

  • Decided to only replace the side metal panel and side lights, and patch up the bumper instead of a full replacement, for sake of cabby

  • Cabby arrives and started to bargain a good price with Workshop supervisor

  • Price drops to $780 (!)

  • Cabby paid and we agreed that there was no need for any written settlement

  • I was told that repairs would take at least till wed evening and that I would be car-less

  • I complained to cabby on my injustice

  • Cabby offered $20 which was obviously not adequate; I counterargued

  • Cabby offered $30, still not enough (I work quite far from where I live!) but I decided to stop it here

  • Cabby started to threaten to bring the issue to court (and insurance) and behaved aggressively

  • I reacted and shouted back, and warned him that I'm not to be bullied. That was probably the last thing he wanted to do.

  • Cabby was shocked and changed demeanor, purred instead

  • I relented and reminded him of my decision not to replace bumper.

I hope this kind of logomachy will not happen again.

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wau...quite expensive for the repair..the damage so bad??

Hard for me to compare (with no basis).
But the cabby's paying.

Whatever the case, just put it out of your head.. You will be getting ur car back tom as good as new :P

Ought to have gotten the cabby to be your personal chauffeur til u get ur car back :P Esp for being so nice.

Ok. Then again. Maybe not a veri good idea.

I shouldn't be mean by saying "I told you so ...", but ... well ... I told you the insurance route would give you less grief. Anyway .. we learn something along the way. I learn that you have a heart of gold. :)

til this coming wednesday evening or next? if it's the former, i guess it's not too bad. only 2 days. oh well.

hey, "oh well" is my line!

hmmm... oh well.

How often do you surface your aggressive self (no connotations of justifiable ones or not)?

Kinda hard for me to visualise - i don't sense that thru your journals that you get angry or unhappy. haha.

Journals just blind you from the things in life everyone experiences because its not always written down - your impression, if without alternatives , forms entirely thru them - doesn't it?

It forms the way we see the world, be it right or not. Hence, our perspective, which shapes how others would view us.

So - Erm.
You get "tough" often?

Visualising "Don't try to take advantage of me... wo bu shi hao qi fu de." , what were the exact words anyway!?

erm... "wo shi chi nuan bu chi yin de" and "ni bu yao yi wei wo hao qi fu"....

I could have sworn in japanese, but he'd probably look lost.


Some cabbies deserve to be brought to court and sued. I don't think u wld have lost anyhow. So ironic that HE threatened to bring U to court. SO Duh!

Well looks like everything turned out quite all right eh? Hmm can't imagine you shouting with the cabby, quite a sight to behold I think!

Wow but $780 for the repairs.. must be quite tough on the cabby.

Tough on the cabby? .... I'm sorry, I can't imagine myself thinking for the perpetrator when my car's damaged. Objectively if that's how much the damage cost, that's how much the damage cost. The perpetrator's just got to pay up and if he can't, or if he'll lose his job doing it, that's life.

I agree. At the end of the day, I'm paying for my own cab fare to work and back home again. Who's pitying me? and Who's pitying me for not being able to work on tuesday?

Oh well. Case closed. =)

I think you have the pity of everybody on LJ. :)

donations for a poor soul, anyone?

*tries to look wistful*

I told you already Thai food my treat.

I'm not saying that the cabby did not deserve it or that it was unjustified. All that I'm saying is that I reckon it should be tough on the cabby, considering that he probably earns less than $2000 a month, and to fork out a lump sum like $780 at a moment's notice is probably a great financial constraint on him and his family.

the cabby really good at bargaining!

u should have make him pay for the full replacement... some people jus dun know what's good for them.. oh well...

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