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(no subject)

My car got hit by a cab.
What should I do next?

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ask the cabby to pay for the damage?
You got his taxi no?

Got his number.
He offered services of his mechanic. But I might be at the losing end if I chose this option. Of course doing it at the workshop of my choice would be the most preferred. I think I would probably go to my preferred workshop and get an assessment, and call up the cabby to see if he is alright with it. If he protests I would go to IDAC?


He crashed into my side. No one was injured, but it is the hassle that spoils the night. The cabby wanted to pay me upfront but I reckoned that going to IDAC tomorrow morning might be a better option. Whatcha think?

*feeling lost*


Well if its the cabby's fault then make a police report then call your insurance company no?

Or if it's not much of a damage then maybe skip the insurance company and see if the cabby wants to compensate?

Hope you're ok..

I don't mind skipping the insurance company (as it would be against the cabby) but afraid that I would be at the losing end if I do not make a proper assessment of the damage. There's a hole at the frontal side and the bumper's slightly damaged as well.

Speaking from experience ...

1. Get out of your car. Scrowl.
2. Utter the famous phrase "Kanina!!"
3. Tell cabbie, in Hokkien, that you want his IC "Ler IC kua lai!!" Then say "Kanina" again.
4. Take down his IC particulars esp name and address. Ask him for his contact number.
5. Take down his veh registration number.
6. Tell him, in Hokkien, again, "Yee Yer ack-ci-lent insurance settle!"
7. He may ask to exchange particulars with you like your handphone number or ... I dunno, maritial status. Be gracious and give him.
8. Drive to your erm ... service center. You go to your offical Subaru one leh...
9. At the service center, show the damage and the cab driver's particulars to the personnel there. The service center staff will "settle" for you. If he tells you to appear at a certain time and date at a certain place with your insurance certificate, just turn up with it. You may have to write an account of what happened.
10. That's about it.

Re: Speaking from experience ...

May I add - speaking from experience - settle via insurance. If you need help, call me.

Settle via insurance, esp when its not your fault, you don't need to pay a single cent.

Whatever you have done to the tyres shd not really be of concern. Not sure if your car is still under the mfr warranty. If so, you might wanna call them before u do something with another svc ctr which may void the warranty (which includes your engine etc).

My take on the matter is, if you are damn sure that the cabby is at fault for this accident, then its better for you to call your original mfr abt the warranty and consult your insurance agency on the repairs (costing,liabilities etc). Not your fault here, so NCB won't be affected. You shd not have to come out a cent too if u r sure total fault lies on the cabby.

The way I see it, the cabby need not have to drive a "repaired" but u do. The cab he drives changes on a per 5 yr basis and it is not his. So it makes perfect sense for him to make minimal restitution and hope he gets away with it. They are seasoned drivers and they know what's best for them. What may be best for you, (while bad for them), is to leave it to your car mfr and insurance to deal with it.

Don't procrastinate. Cos, the longer you delay, the more details u forget. The longer time u take to report to your insurer, the more it will seem to them u may be at fault too.

Take care and God bless !

Typo...I mean "repaired" car. And I'm sure the cabbies will be alright. Most importantly, remember your car cost so much more than what they paid for their taxis. So why settle for so much less and risk future problems? A bit selfish here but hey...I dun think u r related to the cabbie driver right ? As they say in Hokkien :"xiang gar lir qin ah !?" (translates : "since when am I ever closely related to you?!")

:) Ok no more posting from me on this.

Hey thanks. But I'm going to my workshop to get a good assessment, and I am sure that the workshop would like to earn as much as they can...

So that could be a good indication... ?

Sorry to hear the news, hope things work out fine for you.

After reading thru the post - i think < ljuser="discoecstasy"> is quite right.
I would have taken his advise.

===jus my thoughts.===

Will be updating soon.
Thanks for the concern.


you poor thing... *hugs*

a late posting but hope you are fine.

i did experience few car accidents years back. I think if the damages are not too overwhelming, then it's ok to send your car to his car mechanic (with you around to talk to the person incharge - telling him where shld be fixed). Since you dont have a regular mechanic, maybe it will be good to go to his.

Claiming through insurance agents are far too troublesome. Paper work, photos and investigation. The most impt thing is to get the car back inshape fast and the cabby dont have to pay higher premium (they're also making a living eh...). Guess settling "outside" will be faster.

Maybe going to his car mechanic tomorrow to get the car fixed immediately with him around will be good. Have to fix asap. Usually, they will bring to the mechanic the next day to avoid delays and complications. Request for a spare car to drive from the car mechanic for a couple of days before you collect your repaired car.

my two cents of experience, something to share :")

...one more thing...sorry,

if the car mechanic refuse to change or repair the areas you pointed out, no need to discuss liao........go straight to insurance agent.

Oh boy, i had an accident before and my insurance agent, as well as several experienced friends, advised me to keep a camera in the car, and snap away at the scene. I don't think many people practise this, despite claiming to do so. It's supposed to facilitate the insurance in helping you claim, i think (not very sure though).

Anyway, good to know that you're safe and well, and that fella's paying for the damage. Guess better things will come your way. Go buy 4D. :)

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