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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Personal Musings.

Different fate; Different lives.

Sometimes I open up LJ Semagic to type something.
Yet I dunno how to put it down in words.
Something heartfelt. Something personal. Something that stems from my very existence. Something that can evoke the deepest state of emotion. Looking at my friends' LJs is like looking into the windows of everyone's lives. Different people lead different lives. Yet no matter how deplorable one's environment can be everyone is given a chance to right the wrong, to wipe dry the tears and be happy once again. There is nothing so desolate that one cannot recover. Trust time.

Everyone out there; you will never walk alone.

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"Trust time."

Time is the key.

I think it's far easier to be positive when you look as handsome and have as many friends as you do...

some ppl dont take good-lookers seriously.

It doesn't matter, for the ugly ones like me, no one takes me seriously either

You know ... I sorta second that ...

that includes me. i guess.

Everyone out there; you will never walk alone.

This is probably one of the most assuring things someone has said for a long long time. Thanks. I really need that.

But sometimes u have to walk alone..

Agree. Just as much as we want the good things to last, thankfully (or not), nothing lasts forever. That includes pain.

Since when have you succumbed to Hallmark postings? Come back, the real Journeyman!! :P

Isn't that Liverpool FC's motto? :P ANyways I have printed out a hard copy of this entry of yours and I am so gonna cash in this "voucher" when I need a walk at Botanical Gardens. Thanks pal ! God bless u !

no posting on thursday...

no posting, who?
*looks around*

may i ask.....why no posting on thursday eh?

No particular reason.
I'm not superstitious...

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