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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Open House

RSAF Open House

Last Sunny Sunday

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what is the force (air, navy, land) you were in when you were in NS?

And does it still apply to you if case your country need you later again? Or sg troops will always be those within a certain age range that those out of that will never be called back to the force?

aiyoh!! is that the same white tshirt with orange trimming that i saw you in at Comex?? dirty fellow! never change shirt!

looks interesting but i never go :(

They don't fly the F16s at the airshow, do they? I'll only go for the F16s... or any Russian aircrafts that SAF does not have any!!!! :::rants:::

I just wanna see the B2 Stealth again....


actually i wanna see the new F22. (formerly YF22?) Mach 2 without afterburners .... yummy

hmmmm.... last news heard shd be F22 already. Why no afterburners? fighters without afterburners is like sex without orgasm... :P ok a little too explicit here...


haha!! Er, that is, without having to turn on afterburners...

When afterburners kick in, the speed is unreleased...

Good retort. :) I give u that ... u havent bring me go see stars yet !! sobs...

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