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I wonder

With some time on my hands I endeavored to revamp my poetry website. It has undergone various transformation since the early days of text-based HTML editing. Before the invention of WYSIWYG. (Perhaps the greatest achievement to date was still the sepia into_the_wild homepage).

Nevertheless, simplicity rules nowadays. Nobody goes for fanciful animated banners nor javascripted effects. Flash is cool, but content is king. And so emerges the Verses on the Moonlight Sky from the shedded scales of The Poetic Flow. It is not important that my poetry is crap and clumsy. Every line means something to me, and that is enough for me.

Also managed to retrace my entire Livejournal history (from 2001) to sift out those forgotten verses to add into the website. I must resolve to revisit my journal time and time again; there's something to learn from the past, if I look carefully enough.


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