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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

Doctor says its Gastric Flu.
The Antacid tastes terrible.
Yucky eek.

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Hmmm looks like you overworked yourself! Take care and take the medicine!

Sigh..why everyone is sick recently? Must be the weather...
take good care of yourself =)
Get well soon


liang yao ku kou.

*** boy ah!!! come take your medicine ***

You didn't look half bad when I saw you yesterday ... :P

ginger tea helps stomach flu. i'm under the weather too.

One arrow two condors...

Both of you take care!

they are not the only ones. i've been donw with a flu and a really bad cough since saturday. i speak funny with my new found sexy macy-gray-voice.

Hey, i'm a bit the late, but yeah, take care! :)

Get well soon..

As usual, no more oily stuff and no more fried food...

That includes Pork Chop...:P

take care bro..and hope you get better soon!

Yikes, my turn to say take care and rest up well.

Can't enjoy my treat with gastric flu.

Still having migraines after recovering from last week's fever. argh. sigh.... treat sometime next week?

can. or the following week?
i'm meeting moxie next week. wanna join us? =P

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