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Prime Minister Goh is making a sobering statement right now.
I feel a wave of change, that things might not be as rosy as what was originally perceived. I remain unaffected at this point in time, as do my first and second degrees of contacts, but as I drive on the Pan Island Expressway every morning and evening I cannot help but notice the empty factories with the prominent "For Rent" signages. Nevertheless I worry for the future of our homeland. When one has been to a third world country and see how decrepit conditions could be, there is no reason not to worry. In a multi-racial nation with edgy neighbours, and a traditional and conservative majority in a rapidly evolving society of openness there's turbulence in the waters.

But a survivor survives regardless of the conditions, and like the weeds on the cracked wall only the toughest survive.
Sometimes there is no need to point fingers, to lay blame. It is quickly to size up the situation and move on. That's the spirit of the survivor.

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