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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Tiny Mars

Just got home from work, and didi messaged to remind me to see that tiny star beside the moon.
There is a orange colour shiny dot beside the moon. It is the mars and this sight only happen once in every five thousand years. Quick go and see now

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i saw it too..
its really pretty.

Hmm,... I feel like breaking out my ol telescope.

Feel like a stargazing trip to some remote beach?

the mosquitoes would be terrible.
but i vaguely recall that someone owes me a treat... *whistles*


not yet miss!!! the actual Moon and mars will be performing on the 27 August in the sky, do not miss the chance !!!


still around...

Yeah! :P

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