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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Home loans groan

I definitely cannot afford an apartment, but took some time to compile the various interest rates that the local banks and finance companies are offering at this current moment. With different schemes and benefits such as fire insurance and nil penalties to early repayment, it is not easy to find the optimim loan package.

And the amount of interest that one pays to the bank for a S$600+K property over a 20-30 year period works out to be S$150,000 to S$220,000! That's a lot of money! That's many months and years of salary.

Food for thought.

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buying an apt? oh whoa. how old r u?

(Deleted comment)
oh. it wasnt revealed in his lj. lol

Hahah, I was kidding. And decided it wasn't funny. :P He's much younger than that.

yeah 35 going 36. *kabish*

Need some lozenges? *shows teeth*

let's work hard pal =)

Donations are welcome
*tries to look humble*

Do i get to share the apartment then? **wink** WINK** :P

How about timeshare? *winks back*
For interested parties, a self-addressed email with a suitable photo and annual income would suffice.

*wail!!!!!!* don't remind me!!!

well at least you're a few years through...

yeah ... and 27 more to go ...

why not consider getting a resale HDB ... so much cheaper ...

Hmmmmm ...
(*not thirty-five yet)

Hoy! Putting me through guilt trip izzit?

But then, if you take the interest amount of S$220,000 ... divided by 30 yrs ... divided by 365 days per year ... it works out to about $20 per day (or about a taxi fare to and from work, for example). Erm, not bad what for the freedom and independence you get. Plus your significant other can bunk over anytime! Heheh! ;)

Or is that guilty as sin? Hahaha! jk... jk...

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