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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Friday Night.

Bedok North Coffeeship

Back again, like a long lost friend.

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sorry for my ignorance.

is the camera you use a lomo (i think you have announced you are using one once but i can't differentiate pictures from different camera) or a digital camera? I am just curious becos you do post pics in batch of four quite often so I guess they are not from the camera on film right?

It's a painstaking process of resizing and putting four separate pictures to attain that lomo effect.

But I like it. Hope you do. =)

Yummy food again.. :P
hmmm... got to gym harder to get rid of those fats...i think :P

What fats? *looks around*

Hmm..... let me measure.. =P

I see the OCS crest!

What sharp eyes. How did you guess that aunty was wearing an OCS t-shirt?

That "auntie" probably bought it at beach road for $5.80. hehehe :P

i think so... :) the $5.80 is a "ball-park" figure :P does not reflect current market prices c.a.a. 01/08/03 hehehe... BTW does anyone has an idea of how this phrase "ball-park figure" came about ??

Haha I have tons of those singlets at home ley.. can recognise it from a mile away!

I wonder which "aunty" you went out with!

Hey this is going out of context!

huh? auntie? where? where?

sigh... always must rub my eyes to ensure that I am not seeing things fuzzy.

I miss those with your fine pix....

Like then then got mood wat.

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