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Thursday Night.

Cindy had her wisdom tooth extracted today. I had three of mine removed while I was in Japan. I had to be hospitalised and put on drip. There are two more at the lower jaw, the right side. I can feel a little of one of them with the tip of my tongue. Some lucky people never need to have their wisdom teeth removed.

Didi has been working hard. He worked several days in a row. Bren has been working hard too. He has been avoiding TV. He has yet to finish listen to the cdrom worth of music I burned for him. I doubt he would appreciate my trance and techno collection. Didi might, if he lays off Lauryn Hill.

Managed to complete my own little biathlon of running and then swimming last evening. Bedok reservoir looks especially tranquil at night. My eyes had difficult adjusting to the twlight conditions. My favourite Nike Player helped. A plunge into the cool waters at Safra Tampines helped to cool the body down.

The glass garden is looking fine as ever. The plants are growing better than before. Some of the leaves have never seen sunlight. It is all but rays from the IKEA lamp. There are sixteen more minutes to midnight. Soon, it'd be tomorrow. Nine minutes, to be exact.

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