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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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The cycle begins once again

A well rounded sunday.
A reluctant gym session of pecs. As I was aching from the really intense longboard 'race' to Bedok Beacon the previous day, my body didn't react well to more torture. Decided to hit the threadmill half an hour later, and managed to jog 5km on 3.0 grad. Silly me wore my adidas sandal-shoe, without socks, of course and earned a blister for that.
Brenden didn't do too well for his mid-year and actually flunked a couple of subjects. Was angry and disappointed, but yet reflected on my role as a father-brother to him; there's surely more that I could do. Resisting the temptation of the conventional parent: to scold and go towards the negative, I tried my best to get to the root of the problem. No more TV for weekdays and a proper study plan was established. And of course. Lots of love, lots of love from me.

Which reminds me of the lyrics from Chicago...
[ROXIE (spoken)]
And I love the audience. And the audience loves me
for loving them. And I love them for lving me. And
we jus tlove each other. That's because none of us
got any love in our childhood.

Scary what imprints our childhood could have left on us.

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is tv the root of the problem?

If you go deeper, really really deeper, I suspect it's the lack of love.
Sometimes I pause and look around myself, and I'm amazed by everybody's inability to love.

Even his or her own son.

I'm amazed by everybody's inability to love.

i think people dish out love and receive it differently. the husband may love his wife but not in the way she would like to receive it. a master holds his puppy on a leash, fearing that he'll get run over by cars, but the puppy detests this show of affection.

i've always thought my father hated me. recently i found him keeping a picture of me in his wallet.

i hope brenden's situation is merely a case of such.

You sound like a really good elder bro. Yeah, sometimes a lil' understanding goes a long way rather than a knee-jerk reaction to lecture and scold.

Btw, I like that pic! Nice, erm, composition! :P~

It's a cute baby, isn't it?
*blur look*

What baby?
Oh yeah ... yeah ... very cute baby! Yeah. *ahem*

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