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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Lomo #1

First lomo, thanks to pyrosx

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sorry happen to pass by your journal...

Really nice pic... how did u get this effect? photoshop?
but its a nice shot :)

It was just juxtaposing 4 pictures with Paintshop Pro. Nothing really professional. Heh.


u inspired me to try... heh... if i do try anything like your.. must gif me ya comments...

dun mind if i add ya.. to my list.. u haf really nice collection of pics...

Haha! That's nice! .... now i'm inspired to run around with my communicam again...

just a thought... i guess since ur camera is so cheap it wouldn't cost that much to get 4 and stick them together...... ... .. . ok, that's kinda dumb. :P

It was nice catching up over dinner pal, thanks lots :) Buy you dinner when u're free next yea?

"Buy you dinner when u're free next yea?"
Yups, and not "neax yeaR" right?


Haha.. wow, not intended... but....
*evil laugh*

so i suppose I should be buying you dinner within this... 5 months? :)

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