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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Senseless musings.

Been spending too much lately. Bought that Mustek Mini3 mini camera (that means I've got a webcam! Wonder how to use it though). and then splurged on a SHINCO theatre system. It was a steal for only $288. Think I'm going low class nowadays, buying these brands. And it doesn't help when I have to forage IKEA for a TV rack to fit everything in. Brand doesn't matter really; sometimes we don't need the best of everything. And the best isn't always the best. The pictures taken from this minicam turned out blurred now and then, but it's small and handy and I appreciate that.

Baked some brownies and cooked dinner. Miso stew, yong tau fu soup and fried eggs with rice cooked just right. Mopped the floor. Swept and mopped the floor.

Cleaned up the room, especially the dust lurking around those computer and tv cables. Cleaned my glass tank and trimmed the plants. Clustered the plants and added some brown pebbles and it looks much much better now.

Something's wrong with me
I'm turning into a househusband!

Friday's approaching, and the same tragedy will not happen again. Pubbing and clubbing's out. No more Zouk. Everytime I go to Zouk with Cindy it ends in disaster. Maybe we shall just try fine dining and a nice movie.

(next week's fine for appointments. call!)

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Aiyah I'm not around next week! damn!

Wah, so domesticated! LOL! Shits, that reminds me it's been yonkers since I cleaned my apt ... the bain of living on your own! *Grumble* But I still can't cook to save my life. *bleah*

Eh, Shinco is actually underrated lah ... it's really not bad. My cousin has their stuff.

well you don't say.
i was vacumning the floor / scrubbing the bathtub the other day and suddenly paused halfway and had that same domesticated revelatinon. lol!

I so need to clean up my room but I'm never quite home enough... well... or offline long enough to get cracking...

ah well... need to resurrect 2 PCs b4 getting down to that...

Last point noted. :)

I forgotten how doing house works feels like.......everything's been done when I comes home...

It's great to stay with parents sometimes :)

Yeah tell me about it.
But I kinda enjoy the sense of freedom in living on my own. And the funny thing is, I don't detest cleaning up the room. It's the urge to ensure that the environment is clean and free from dust.

Might be a compulsive disorder though. Well well...

ohmygawd, u have this compulsive disorder too? that's what i do too at batteryhenhole@craig. i dont even spend enough time there and where the heck does the dust come from?

maybe i should just cling-wrap the furniture and vacuum seal the whole place ...

So have you gotten your TV rack? Me buying one from IKEA too. Either this or this

I got mine. Beech Wood rack for less than $50. Didn't wanna splurge.

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