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Dreams are what you wake up from.

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Musings in the middle of the week.

2 days of continuous gym in a row. My chest, upper back areas are aching. I wonder why my biceps and shoulders never ache no matter how hard I try.
Managed to find some time for cardio, and ended a two-hour session with a total of 300 situps. Yeah, I may sound as if I'm boasting, but it's nothing compared to what some do. I've heard that someone does a thousand push-ups a day, and if he misses it, he would compensate it with two thousand the following day.

Another juicy article for those Strange But True columns.

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1000 push-ups a day? Wahpiang eh!

My biceps and shoulders seldom ache too. For me it's the chest ... and lower back (for some reason). I think I must be doing something wrong. :(

i second that. tend to feel the lactic acid in the shoulders and chest, no idea why as well. might be one of those things..

eh, 1000 pushups a day, shoulder won't dislocate, no?

Lower back ache? Not good sign....meaning you have been using your back power to support some sets (very common). Beware of back injuries.

The most I can stand to do is 200! Biceps can get really achy if one does lots of reps instead of just heavy weights. I presume. Maybe I should try it one day.

I average about 200-300 push-ups a day. I like push-ups ... very convenient, no equipment needed! :)

Wah.....300 situps...i like...

Can I add you in to my Superman list?

Lucky guy, u're not hiding a red cape somewhere are u?

hmmm, the 1000 push up routine sounds like someone familiar...

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