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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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I'm again the counsellor for the night.

Somehow those who are in love never think straight right.
I'm surprised that there are people who doesn't mind being the third party. Especially those where one is still in the his/her illusionary heaven. Even if your lover would eventually give the the current relationship to move into a new one with you, what makes you think that you wouldn't be the next in line, in your own illusionary heaven?

And if you know that you're the third party, why break up a possible relationship?
Just leave in peace.
and everyone can leave in peace.

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i totally agree bro, i've been a relationship counselor to someone in that situation also. love is just weird somethings, it does weird things to a person, especially not allowing them to see that whey they are doing is wrong and stupid. hope that your friend also realizes the truth and leaves....

i used to believe this (if the boy can leave his girl for a new relationship, you can be the next one who he throws next time for yet another relationship).

But...i also have seen a case that the 3rd party (who is my friend) is really the true love of a girl (who was attached with another guy at that time)

if my 3rd-party male friend has never tried, how would they know what they could have missed?

or male/female 3rd party got different chance to 'win'?

i used to think a male 3rd party is more likely to 'win' then a female 3rd party...because girls always like to compare who treat ourselves better.

precisely precisely. friend of mine whose girlfriend dumped him for another fella recently..--> more interested to know how that 3rd party can actually like a girl who may do it to him likewise one fine day...ugly and plump some more..heh.

f these 'inebriated' 3rd parties, those who are aware of relationships and yet try to break it --> however, more interested to understand on the girl's infidelity and the lack of guilt on her part. 3rd parties wouldnt have gained a chance if she didnt clap his hand on her part.

Oh you are so right! :) Unfortunately when one is in love he tends to fall into what you call the "illusionary heaven". And one gets wrapped up in his self absorbed world. I was once like that. But I've learnt to be wiser.

I do think it's kinda sad tat pragmatism rules most of our love lives....
Illusionary is what makes any form of love affair beautiful....
Cuz' Any form of reality Bites....
Moving on, i guess, is easier said than done....
We all know You can't really link intelligence/smartness and love together....

couldn't have agreed more.
ive a friend who has been the third party for almost all her serious courtship. makes me wonder, doesnt any man/woman mind sharin their partner? talk bout infidelity..

hmmm...reminds me of the show "Legend of the Falls" where the female lead practically fell in love with all 3 brothers in the family and (re)married to 2 of them... I agree that the 3rd party should leave it and look for another otherwise he/she will be the catalyst leading to the breakup. While we look at this complicated situation in disdain, sometimes I see it at another angle (depending on the situation) that it's a matter of C in that "triangle" falling in and out of love at the same time; instead of falling out of love with A first, then fell in love with B. Perhaps its this overlapping of events that we do not like.

It depends. Maybe they don't mean to break up a relationship - but merely want to do something they want in life - be with someone they want to be with.

its not everyday you come across a person who fits your bill, more so accept you - even as a secondary partner.

Perhaps it seems more perplexing when they know they will be rejected but continue the pursuit. Otherwise , if the parties are willing (excluding the probably really pissed partner) - its a mere exercise of individual choice.

Unless - morals , respect , consideration , blahs - are what you rather talk about. Those - are but man-made rules.

I speak without religion.

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