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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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The illusion of permanence

There are so many occasions that I get entirely absorbed in a feeling, usually euphoric, that I believe it can last forever. But that is an illusion and nothing stays the same. And if it did stay the same, it wouldn't be euphoria in the first place. It would be the norm, the default, and then I wouldn't be happy in the first place.

It's the relentless cycle of happiness and sorrow. One's nothing without the other.
Hence, let's rejoice in sorrow.

Notwithstanding, some choose the fence and practise the art of detachment.

Show me a sign.

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Dude, why can't the norm be a happy thing too ... ok, maybe minus the initial euphoria? I'm thinking from the point of a relationship once you pass the "honeymoon" phase and it settles into a kinda normalcy that hums along?

Hmmm, I've learnt from past experience that, sometimes, no sign can be a sign in itself ... in a warped sorta way.

Everything is pretty much individualistically perceptive.... From love signs to anger signs....
The main problems about human beings is tat we all tend to read into things that's basically non-existent.... Words r just words.... Nothing documented with our signature.... The undying needs of humans also generally bring rise to another problem.... the need to feel wholesome in the midst of all the frivoulous gains and existence....
My relationships never last long enough to survive even the honeymoon phase....
The end verdict .... Enjoy the feeling while it lasts .... Back to my definition : Love is just a beautified form of commitment and responsibility....

Yup. No sign can be a sign in itself.
It's just that we continue to blindly wait for that sign that's been there for a while already.

It's just my previous reference to happiness lying right in front of us and we not seein it. Somehow there's this tendency to disregard a portion of life. I'm a victim of it.

Nevertheless, positive energy begets positive energy. I've attempting to be the giver and focus on the positive thoughts as much as I could, and I'm happy so far. At least, happier than before.

You know too much of anything can be a bad thing. It's great to be totally enveloped in a feeling , like i am right now, but it is also reality that the feeling may not last forever. does it lead to sorrow? maybe, maybe not. Something that has run its course need to leave a trail of sorrow. It leaves the possibilty of more... or of something equivalant in future. if we give it a chance. Why is the norm as sad place, not can't you be happy in the first place? Isn't contentment... a form of happiness?

Detachment isnt a way of achieving happiness. Afterall, happiness isnt real til shared. That, I still firmly believe. Actually, sharing, Is Happiness.

On an other note, hey, catch ya sometime. Maybe this weekend? Do be happy pal.

Sharing is Happiness.
Can't agree more.
A simple meal on a weekday night might be plausible too, perhaps in the region of the following week. I've binged too much, time to cut down on the calories.

*taps stomach*

Sure thing. Following week's a good idea. Mid week perhaps.

Hehe, binging? Hmm.... happy foods are good foods....

i am very happy.
*taps stomach... or tummy, as more popularly called*

Detachment is not necessarily a bad thing if understood properly. Buddhist monks detach themselves from the real world but that doesn't mean they are any less happy than us.

Look at detachment (or in my own interpretation: UNattachment) this way:
If you accept that clinging on to the ashes of time only brings suffering, and know that whatever that is beautiful now will never last, take this particular moment and wholly and completely immerse yourself in the beauty of it all. And at the very least, once this beauty is gone, you know you did wholly enjoy the experience.

Do I make sense? Is the light you see at the end of the tunnel the headlights of an oncoming train?

i so like the candle with the crescent moon as a flame. such a contrast no? that flame that is expected to be hot and flickering is a thin sliver of cold silvery light.

let's rejoice in sorrow. amen. i'm only happy when it rains.

How about migrating to Vancouver?
(and you can pass me your apartment).

Err .. I think that is Seattle, not Vancouver.

Pass you the apartment?!?! NEVAH! Then where am I supposed to .... bake bread *innocent look*

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