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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Shaun Lim


Godson Shaun

The cutest in the world!

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the image is not showing up leh ;p

I can see what... wait a bit to load lar... You can gorge on your burgers while waiting kakakakaka. Shaun is so cute !!!!!! Can I intro him to my niece Natasha ?

Re: deep hyperlink?

::bangs keyboard::

::shakes monitor::


I'm getting a CLUB PHOTO's "get 25cents digital prints @ www.clubphoto.com" in place of the intended picture still... Perhaps you guys are members and are 'logged' in *fumes* I wanna @@.. LOL

::strangle mouse::

I could view the pix from home. Now at work, I am seeing what you see too.

Cute kid. Pity uncle steven can't see. Hiak hiak.

Re: deep hyperlink?

I am still shaking stuffs here...

::shakes cable modem::

::shakes mobile phone::

ARGGG!!! went to shake my coffee cup.....


i see a similarity somehwhere.


*pinches cheeks*

Err..he's so cute, like he wants to talk to you :P

how old is he?

Ah duh....

Now I know why i kept seeing these Club Photo ads on ur posts...

Nope, I'm not getting the picture either...

CUTE!!! Hey, there's some similarity ... the eyes! LOL! :)

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