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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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digicamera leh

Flurry of posts.
Last weekend I was over at Sim Lim Sq, shopping for a cheapo digital camera. Dropped my fuji finepix of two and a half years while I was at the other end of the globe, and now it not working well. Hence the perfect excuse to get another digital camera. I don't need high resolution since I don't print my pictures, and something small and handy would be ideal. And better if it could be used as a webcam.

And I stumbled onto this camera. Amconics, not a famous brand, but it fits snugly in my palm, and it's less than $200!

3.1 Pixel Mini Digital Camera by software enhancement
Ultra mini in size, ultra compact in functionality
Taking close-up picture easily
16MB internal memory
Auto recharge battery via USB power
Cradle for video conferencing use

Product type: Digital camera, Digital camcoder & PC camera
Resolution: 2048x1536 (by software enhancement)
Image sensor: 2.1M pixel CMOS sensor
Memory: 16MB SDRAM
Video clip: 320x240; 120 sec, 15 fps (QVGA)
Life video: 20 ~ 30 fps
Lens: F/2.8 (Macro/Normal switch)
Interface: USB
Self-timer: 10 seconds delay
Shutter speed: 1/15 ~ 1/4000 second
Battery: Lithium Ion polymer batter, charger inside
Dimension: 69mm x 47mm x 11mm
Weight: 40g

Need some advice. Help!

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Its neat, its tiny .. how about some sample pics of what this cam is able to take :P

Haven't bought it; seeking opinions as a justification for any indication of rashness. =)

No external storage could be a bummer if u're gonna be snapping and snapping away...

esp since the camera's capable of fairly respectable resolutions

hmm. it looks like a pretty nice gadget though.. does far more things than my point and shoot Fuji digicam :P

Hmmm one positive comment.
Maybe I should get it after all!

Haha... its just an excuse aint it?

I think the important thing is to look at wat u really want to do with it... with 16MB, its still more of a web cam then a digi cam...

its' really cute and small, but note that the effective resolution is 2 megs. the software enhancement doesn't really work as the pixelation becomes really bad and blurry when you try to edit the image file. also, 16 MB of memory isn't really enough unless you keep downloading the files.

but a polymer battery, 40g (!?!?!) weight for under $200? wow!

too bad i just bought my IXUS 400. this would be great to carry around.

2 positive statements!

No. Me thinks stick to Fuji.

Lens: F/2.8 (Macro/Normal switch)

Wow... amazing such a small camera can have this.

I will not go for it though. Most of the time, the picture quality comes out very weird in terms of colour or pixelation. =)

Now it's 2 vs 2.
But I'm getting it as a quickcam; not going for high quality shots. But still not too sure since I haven't seen the night shots yet.

Hmmm... decisions decisions.

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