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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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points to ponder, from a friend

"my birthday was spent with friends and someone I just got to know recently. as usual, spent a few days thinking about my life. decided i was not going to waste time. just do the things i want to do, say and feel before reality closes in (and age!). what's there to lose?"

what's there to lose?

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Life is always rushing by and when you start working, it gets by faster and faster. You are right, do what you want to do before its too late. You live life only once

Happy Birthday .......

Oops. It's not my birthday. Mine's over at the other end of the calendar. It's from a friend of mine.

I just started reading "Tuesdays with Morrie". This is what Morrie preach too, except that he was waiting for his death to arrive.

just do the things i want to do, say and feel before reality closes in.

I think it's hard to accomplish what's stated. Is it to disregard totally? Or selectively?

Actually being caught up in the process would be losing yourself (unaware along the way).

Did you watch the show 'About Schmidt'??
I think that it is relevant here. Most of the time we're too preoccupied with the future that we lose sight of the current state of bliss.

Maybe it's a balance.

I must confess that I've no ideas either.

what's there to lose?

except, maybe, just that moment itself... and you know you'll never get it back...

well, i spent my 18th bday with my online friends. & they are friends that i only knew for days. & most of them are not even acquaintances now. sounds great isn't it?

Why are you so comtemplative nowadays?

Re: Just a Question.....

I'm not sure. It's just me I suppose.
I'd love to see the world from a flatter dimension but when you realise that the world is round, there's no way to go back to the old thinking that the world is flat.

And now that the world is round, there's a need to go over the edge. There's a curiousity. And we wont' fall over the edge anyway.

Me and my senseless ramblings. What's new. Doh.

Re: Just a Question.....

it simply signifies human's general undying desire for better/unexpected on-goings in life....
The unsatisfactory quotient is somewhat frivolously proven in your above-mentioned concept....

There's nothing to lose.

Age is an illusion. so is wisdom actually. Everyone just want to avoid flatlining prematurely.

The irony is that to avoid 'prematurely', you might as well have nothing to lose.

okay, i'm rambling.

Hey I ramble too.
Must be a trademark of a pessimistic optimist.


Hahaha... perhaps. *grinz*

What can you lose?
Only the blues.
Why keep concealing everything you're feeling?
Say it to her, what can you lose?
Maybe it shows,
She's had clues, which she chose to ignore.
Maybe though she knows,
And just wants to go on as before.
As a friend, nothing more
So she closes the door.

Well, if she does
Those are the dues.
Once the words are spoken,
Something may be broken.
Still, you love her
What can you lose?

But what if she goes?
At least now, you have part of her.
What if she had to choose?

Leave it alone
Hold it all in.
Better a bone
Don't even begin.
With so much to win,
There's too much to lose.

At least you're not deceived.
At least fifty years later you won't be drowned by your retrospection of "what if"s.

Erm, howzabout what's there yet to be achieved? Sounds awfully like the "half empty/full glass" thingy to me. Maybe I'm just a cock-eyed optimist, but I see the glass as half-full most of the time.

Hmmm, what's a pessimist optimist anyway? Hope for the best, but expect the worst?

Something like that... quoting from the Shawshank Redemption, "hope is a dangerous thing...."

Yeah, "hope" is such a passive/reactive word. Hmmm, maybe "strive" would be more proactive.

We all "strive" to "hope" for a better expectations' induced outcome....thus "Strive" and "Hope" are never mutually exclusive.... In other words, "Pro-activity" invokes "RE-activity"....

gee, didn't think my words would get taken seriously. :)
guess what I meant is to not hold yourself back. often, we (and someone I know!) are too rooted in the here and now, too aware of who and what and where we are that we are in danger of drowning in the currents of life. when in fact, we should be riding those waves, the big kahuna, dude! surrendur, let go, once in a while and just don't think! (hint hint)

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