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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Someone's going to the bus!

Someone's going to the bus! It's that abandoned bus in Alaska. It's the last accomodation for Chris before he died. I'm impressed, and honestly I'm more than a little jealous. I've always wanted to go see that bus.

In April 1992, 24-year-old Chris McCandless burned the last cash in his wallet and walked into the Alaskan wilderness for a soul-testing challenge. Four months later, hunters found his decomposing body.

Chris McCandless, in front of the bus in which he died

It started from the book 'Into The Wild', which is a semi-biography of this young american kid who abandoned the conventional teenager lifestyle into a life of self-subsistence. The book traces his journey which eventually ended at Alaska. I wouldnt say I agree with his attitudes and his flippant disregard for life, but I admire him for his courage and resilience to do what he wanted to do; to be able to leap across the chasm and continue with his journey of life. It's no matter that he fell into the chasm and died. He died trying. I've even been to the MacDonald's that he've worked for. I've ventured as far as Juneau, but never had the chance to go to that bus. Sigh.

It's funny how books affect us all. Of the few exotic places that I've been, they've been influenced by non-fiction. 'Into The Wild' influenced me to Alaska, while 'Fingerprints of the God' influenced me to Machu Picchu, Peru. I wonder what's next.

Nevertheless, way to go, Shots! I'll be awaiting good news from you!


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er, i got that book too. but i buy the book because i love jon krakauer's into thin air (i kinda like non-fiction better) and thus have his next book, which is the one you mentioned.

i started knowing why you get this username...

oh...there is another guy (chinese) called 余純順 who died in 羅布泊...another story, but also have his trip announced, but ended up with his corpse found. There is an episode of a local program featuring his this trip years ago. he also got a book.

Wow.. a lot of people here have very deep meaning to their user names... he he... I just feel so shallow.

anyways, u've been to Peru? want to go there bad... and do a three weeks trek of the incan highroad.

three weeks' fine. the nazcan plains (with those lines) are not too bad, but you'd need to take a flight to appreciate them.
Go to Machu Picchu! It's fantastic!

(and you're not shallow)

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