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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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(no subject)

Oddly, my livejournal configuration has changed abruptly. Now it's all purplish. Must be some LJ server script error.

It's another run and gym day for me. With two consecutive days of gym I reckon I'd abstain from gym and focus on a longer run tomorrow. The cold weather's reminiscent of those ol' Jap days when I ran in the wee hours of the morning.

There's absolutely nothing going on at night, and that gives me plenty of time to surf the net, do some reading, reflect and ponder over life, stare into space, complete my Age of Mythology campaign (which I've completed last week!) and catch up on some personal things that I've always wanted to do but never did. It's also a good time to take stock of my life so far.

I figured out that I've been so tied up with my own life that I've allocated no time for the outer circle of family and friends. It's always work and gym and makan and sleep and work and gym and makan and sleep and windsurf and internet and makan and sleep and so on and so forth. Such is the irony of life. I'm at the supposed pinnacle of my youth and everything's supposed to go downhill (?) from henceforth, and yet I'm lamenting.

That's perhaps the contradiction of life. We all know that life can be beautiful when things remain in situ, but we choose to lament and grumble. Perhaps that's also why everyone's drawn to Sex and the City; we're all longing to hear about what we've always known. It's just that we need someone to tell us what is wrong with ourselves so that we can move on.

Time to wake up and smell the coffee.

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That's what my ex-boss says too when he was in UK. I told him to just run up the hill and sing "Sounds of Music" - THE HILLS ARE ALIVE....WITH THE SOUNDS OF MUSIC......

Well, you can always file your nails, do facial, pluck eye browns, remove nose hair.....see so many things to do!


Erm, you could hit the pubs and have yourself pints of bitters. Or perhaps a night out at West End or Soho ... depending on your preference in entertainment. Say wot, guv'nor? ;)

Plan's fixed for friday night at least. Watching 'Russian Ark' followed by drinks.

I'd rather watch the musical 'Chicago' instead.

Oh well oh well.

I miss London. Boo Hoo. When was the last time u were there?

THIS is the last time!
Need anything? *crosses fingers*

*looks stunned* ... *then got it* Tsk! No lah, I was asking buzz_cut the question, not you! I know you're there now :) And no, I don't need anything because:
1. I'm going there next month anyway
2. I don't think the nature of your trip is appropriate for you to get me that S&M leather face hood or that apocalypse gas mask. *wink*

S&M face hood? What would you need that for? And a Gas Mask? *bewildered look*


Talk to darkseed73. I'm sure he can expound on the finer points of justifying the usage of an S&M face hood or gas mask in .. well ... certainly role play scenarios. :) I'm just too shy to say anything.

S&M face hood? What would you need that for? And a Gas Mask? *bewildered look*


How abt a Harrods "Special 2003" Bear for me?

I love those Harrods Special (you know they make 1 special bear a year?)

Hehhehehe ....since u asked...

Where's Harrods? *looks around*

U cannot consider u been to London if you never visit Harrods.

Now go and get me the BEAR! :P btw it's probably a good gift for your love too.

I've visited London quite a few times and I've never once stepped inside Harrods. I don't know. Too uppity for me I guess :)

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