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It's a rarity that I wake up at eight-plus on a sunday morning.
Rousing myself from slumber, I washed up and then proceeded to iron my shirt and my tie. Should I get a new pair of shoes? There's much to be done today. I must do some last-minute shopping.

The past few days were holidays for me, and gave me time to unwind and recuperate, for the next journey. In my usual retrospective and introspective mood I learned something about myself again, while driving to town from work. I realised that I am way too sensitive about the environment around me, and perhaps, too reactive to the perceived emotional states of the people around me. To the brink of paranoia? I realised that I have to gain some form of composure, to be able to relax and be calm. To understand that I cannot please the world around me, and that I should just relax and let go. With this understanding everything fits together again.

I also realised that I can be critical and demanding and harsh. I think it is also about learning to let go, to see the strength in everyone. Without doubt there is a need to constantly groom and nurture those around me, but I will have to do it positively, and patiently.

It's amazing the wonders self-imposed introspection can do.

Nigel says that he wouldn't need any souvenir but a tin of chinese ginseng tea leaves would do fine. I'm looking forward to seeing him again; the flood of memories captured during the japan days rages on.

Flood? Hmmm... maybe I'll go for a swim.
It's a little cloudy though.

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