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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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What A Mess

The things that can happen to you on a Bad Good Friday.

  • You find your taskbar missing

  • You repaired WinXP only to find the taskbar still at large

  • You finally tracked down the culprit, created a new user account

  • You then realised that you've lost all your emails and settings

  • You wonder why such &(*&@# can happen.

But then again, as the mind lays, the heart decides.
And communication bridges the gap.
As kinships moves with the changing tides.
A shared vision moves us another lap.

Should be a good saturday. AM-kayak PM-windsurf.

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::peers out window:: oops looks like a storm is brewing... hmm.. will it be a good saturday?

I hope the rest of your weekend was better...
Sounds quite disastrous. Time to get a firewire backup HD?

Hehe.. time to plug the goodness of having a Mac.... (ok ok smack me.)

Running my plasma screensaver as the desktop background now...

hi there...can i add u as my friend? i'm expanding my network now..hehe...

i'm actually a friend of shining_tree

I know it's too late to help but in future try this

When you create a new user a profile is created. Copy your old profile settings over so you won't lost any stuff.

Ciao, see u when you back again.

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