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Till there was no time.

Met up with a friend last evening. It was one of those friends that you've always known and seen and never really got to know. An impromptu icq chat eventually led to duck rice at thirteen turns, and thereafter, cheesecake cafe. We talked about veracity; we talked about life love hurt scars cold cloudy-water expectations the-sound and more...

"i have to go to the toilet"
"i don't wanna hurt again"
"listen to that voice inside you"
"you've gone throught a lot in life to be like this"
"you are too rational"
"take a stand"
"you didn't ask me"
"i don't want to open the door"
"i cannot forget how she looked when she left"
"you have to untie that boulder"
and what the mind lays, the heart decides.

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