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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Restless Heart

Restless heart, why is it so
Your palpable look seems so forlorn?
Restless heart, why do you go
Wander'ng aimlessly, all alone?

Your moribund passion has flown away
Back to the history of yesterday
Your determined mettle has lost it way
Gone for good, no more to stay

In this noisome crossroads of life
May the restless rest, and settle down
I wish you strength in this times of strife
May you smile always, and no more frown...

-- 11 Apr, on a whimsical note.

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... yah. agreed.


A thousand clouds astride the horizon:
Silver flashes running high
Raced across a darkened sky
Fast and furious whirl the winds
Like a chorus of mad violins

Giant drums of thunder roll
Discordance to chill the soul
But storms no matter how dark
wild, grey or cruelly stark

Must bow to Nature's command -
Now quiet down and be done
For soon the sun shall reappear
And banish all baseless fears

For hope springs eternal in humankind
A gentle flame of healing light,
for the soul, heart
And restless mind.

a whimsical note to oneself?

restless heart... rest... find passion again...

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