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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Woke up feeling the aches from the run the previous morning. It's mainly the abs and the lower back. Ouch! 580 seconds of intense running caused this.

My car's feeling a little achy lately; there's difficulty in getting him (yes, it's a male) started occasionally. My colleagues suspect it is the accumulator; I have got absolutely no clue as to what the cause is. Nevertheless, I shall do myself and Sub a favour by getting the accumulator changed at the workshop. Someone says that Subaru cars need a higher-end battery. Any clues?

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Note 1: Your Ache.
Preparing for the race huh? don't forget natural protein and vitamin C and Zinc, magnesium, calcium. helps with the healing processes... forget about creatine first... you lived an active lifestyle, it won't built up any longer, your bones probably packed with it.

Note 2: Your Car.
Is it a coughing stalling and then it starts? = Accumulator/Battries

or those that sounded like a diarrhea and then it start? = Field Distribution/Fuel waste built up

p.s.: why not refer to the car as her?? but then again.... it's a subaru not a toyota... that's so butch. ha ha ha.

580 seconds? Can we assume that you took 9mins and 40secs to run 2.4km? Or do you run faster than that? Heh :)

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