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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Add me to your memories (for posterity's sake!)

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User Number: 420192
Date Created:24 Dec 03
Number of Posts: ???

The Journey man is taking a long long journey to the end of the road. He stumbles around sometimes and loses his way, but usually some kind soul would set him back on track. And he continues his journey... to the end of the road.
Strengths: Cold stare, Quick Sleep, Solitary thought and the ability to keep himself occupied with computer games.
Weaknesses: Strays off the path, Occasional bout of depression (from walking too much.. must be the blisters) and the inability to achieve 100% marksmanship when pissing.
Special Skills: Ability to fart silently, walk like a duck, keep himself asleep while snoring.
Weapons: XDA, ying-yang zi, and .. oh yeah... teeth. I bite!
Favourite Phrases: Dreams are what you wake up from, the best is yet to be, oh ok, really rilly....

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Date Created:24 Dec 03 <-- ?

One of your Special Skills should be the ability to travel into the future.

You got that righty right!

I tot it was Yi-Yang Zhi....

Favourite Phrases...

you forgot your 'ooh la la' and 'doh'. if 'doh' is a phrase that is.

Weaknesses: inability to achieve 100% marksmanship when pissing.
Special Skills: Ability to fart silently

the poor marksmanship with peeing I think is a common inability in boys... after all, most skills are only honed with practice and who does take the time to aim, shoot, and score while peeing? we're even not encouraged too growing up and thats why toilets have wide targets... if urinals had a device that offered bells and whistles or quarters for hitting the target spot, i think you'd be a master at it!

oh, and if you need someone to hold you while you take aim... i'm your man

i need to pee now....

::eep:: make sure you hit the mark

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