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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Adventure Quest

It's amazing how Newton's laws apply so aptly to life:

Action = Reaction.

Third law of motion, right? Anyway, a year back a friend jio-ed me for the People's Association Kayaking Course, in preparation for the local Adventure Quest which did not take place. With the PA membership, I went on to take up Windsurfing, and now it's the love of my life. Now, after a full cycle, we are preparing ourselves for this year's quest.

2001's Adventure Quest included the following:
1. Kayak from Kallang to Pulau Tekong Kecil – about 30 kilometres.
2. Swim from Pulau Tekong Kecil to Pulau Tekong Besar - 600 metres.
3. Cross-terrain mountain-biking in Pulau Tekong Besar - 40 kilometres.
4. Swim back to Pulau Tekong Kecil - another 600 metres.
5. Kayak to Pulau Ubin - 10 kilometres.
6. A navigational trek in Pulau Ubin - 3 hours.
7. Kayak to Sembawang - 25 kilometres.
8. Run to Orchard Road, looking for checkpoints along the way - 35 kilometres.
9. Race ended at The Heeren with a Jumar Ascend up the building, followed by abseiling down again.

One word: Scary.
Not even sure if I can last half the distance. We've just finished our meeting, with 5 members. We're a team of 3 guys and 2 gals right now, and we're looking for another gal to complete the team. It is pretty tough looking for people who would take part in the training only to become reserves for the actual race. (the actual composition would be a pair of guys and gals).

Nevertheless, individual training starts tomorrow; group training starts the following saturday. I'm still wondering why I'm allowing all this to happen.... must be some masochistic streak in me.


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with your past trainings in Jap...u can make it dude. Add oil..

just out of curiosity.

how much is the prize for the competition? a million bucks??

but since you call yourself journeyman... you are able to do it.

Re: just out of curiosity.

the prizes? self-satisfaction, friendships and a fitter body.

Re: just out of curiosity.

Man... you're amazing. *cheers and applause* All the way!

I think i'll just be satisfied with being able to touch my toes...

Re: just out of curiosity.

*sings* head and shoulders, knees and toes...
knees and toes..
knees and toes..

... those bookworm club days...

was it that long ago?

The knee bone connected to the, shin bone...
the shin bone connected to the....

Re: just out of curiosity.

Then you truly are a journeyman.. d=)

be safe though. Extreme sports have very hight mortality rate, take the necessary precaution. I wish you luck.

Re: just out of curiosity.

Thank you, dude =)

so you are taking part in the ARE YOU INSANE? category? Adlus will be fielding in at least a team as well - I'll like to kayak 30km :)

Sound interesting.
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