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Variations du jour

Someone smsed me this today.
"I had a dream of you last night"
I replied,
"Was the dream good?"
"What was it?"
"Later can? I at meeting"
An hour later,
"Sure, you plant dreams in my sleep, is it?"
"Took up gardening lately but nope, I didn't plant anything =P"
"Gardening. That is nice. Try Orchid"
"What was your dream about?"
"I dreamt that we were at some beach but cannot remember doing what"
"Maybe we're participants of SURVIVORS. heh, my turn to buy lunch..... "
"sure. ok".

I don't even remember my dreams.

Then a distant cousin smsed me to borrow some money. To pay the hospital for an operation that she had last year. She insisted that the prudential agent would compensate the hospital but the process would take some time. I volunteered to take up her case and speak to her agent and the hospital on her behalf. She politely declined.
"Just the money," she said. I shrugged my shoulders and consented.

Then another friend smsed to inform me that his tempo's following the infinity curve graph., and that he had a bad fall from sunday's game and injured his lower hip bone.

Then another one proclaimed that he's sick with 2 days' MC and asked me to pay him a visit... (doh)

Then another one lamented "my loneliness is killing me"....

Then another asked to meet tonight; she smsed to call it off five minutes later.

DOH! that lonely fella just icqed me to repeat "my loneliness is killing me"....

I must confess that I still believe that human beings are social creatures.
No I'm not dreaming... hit me baby one more time.

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