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Dreams are what you wake up from.

14 years of Livejournalling, and hopefully, more to come.

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Nowadays - Chicago OST

You can like the life you're livin'
You can live the life you like
You can even marry Harry
But mess around with Ike
And that's
Good, isn't it?
Grand, isn't it?
Great, isn't it?
Swell, isn't it?
Fun, isn't it?
But nothing stays

This song has been lingering in my head these days.... with flighty lyrics that probably no one bothers to remember.
But I do. And the lyrics do make sense.
We can choose to like the life that we're living
We can also choose to live the life that we like.
The decision's entirely up to us, and that's good as it can get.
What struck me was the last line: "But nothing stays" Does anything stay? In this tumultous year I've seen enough breakups to reach a low that can possibly match our Straits Times Index. There's a dearth of love and romance in the air, and every turn I see masked loneliness amidst the false smiles in the company of friends.
Let's hope that things get better after the war. Yup, I know that war has nothing to do with it, but surely relationships would get better.

Even my own.

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Ah .... so when did you decide to quit pen digging and hit the keyboard once more? :)

I think the lyrics is "Isn't it good, isn't it grand, isn't it great....." rather than "good, isn't it, grand isn't it......". small difference in order of words, but the meaning comes out quite differently.

A lot of things are transient: our own fear of death is a evident of that. life's like walking through the sand leaving a trail of footprints... only to have time erase them.
we seek the illusion of permanence because that gives us security, that gives us comfort, but there is wisdom in embracing the truth, that nothing stays.

What matters is the here and now - the present moment, not the chained and burdened by the past, and not bound by what could be in future

very zennish. i like.

You need this song:


The sun is up should be feeling great,
You're feeling rough got too much on your plate,
A busy day got a lot to do,
A heavy head you think you've caught the flu.

Something deep inside begins to stir,
spirit, conscience you're not really sure.
It's gonna be OK
It's gonna be OK

Another day you're late for work,
The shower's cold you ain't got no clean shirt.
A cup of tea just might do the trick,
the milk's gone off by now you're feeling sick.

Something deep inside begins to stir,
spirit, conscience you're not really sure.
It's gonna be OK

We laughed, we cried, we shared along the way.
We did some things we knew we shouldn't do.
But after all, what's this life living for,
Your wasting time if you're just keeping score.

In every thing we try to do what's right.
In trying way too hard we get it wrong.
So after all what's this life living for,
Work it out or head straight for the door.
It's gonna be OK
It's gonna be OK

You close your eyes, try to sleep.
Scold yourself for hours that you keep.
Drifting off will I dream tonight?
In my dreams perhaps I'll get it right.
Something deep inside begins to purr,
spirit conscience you're not really sure.

It's gonna be OK
It's gonna be OK, either way.
It's gonna be OK

..... You can live the life you're living....

Hmm.. enigmatic as always.


We can choose to live the life we like?

Is it really true? ...

People feel alone because in this cold self-ish world we live in, there is no one to resounance with their hearts, be it a friendly cheer or simple helo. even a drop of regard can bring warmth to a cold thirsty heart. People are too cold and distant and only concern with their own personal petty issues.

Can you lend a little warmth? ...

Nothing stays... coz life is never meant to be boring or static. We are meant to grow and change and to "evolve".... Relationships fail often because when one party evolve, the other refuse to follow. And hence one gets left behind in the dust on broken hearts and tear-dried footprints... sometimes that's the life of these two hearts, and their paths must now departed...

How can you help the lonely? ....

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