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Back to words again

Just realised that I've been unable to load personal pictures, and hence it's probably back to words again.

Caught nine episodes of Sex and the City, and it's good education.
On life, love, relationships and commitments. It's a wonderful mirror and parody of what we humans do best: being irrational.

Lately I've been contemplating about the differences between a friendship and a relationship. What makes a relationship a relationship? What makes a couple different from a pair of best friends? Is it the intimacy that a couple share, be it sexual or otherwise, that defines the relationship?

I tend to see it as a commitment, an investment of extra effort and even personal sacrifices, towards the shared vision of holding hands with the other half at the age of sixty. The only problem with this seemingly naive idea is how we ought to define the amount of sacrifice that we make, that it does not take away what we were in the first place.

If I were to change, how much should I change, so that I am still the me that you would love. But then again, if you loved me for what I was in the first place, why the need to change?

Life's a mystery sometimes. Our credit.

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